Unlocking Solutions for Complex Claims

Specialty Adjusting International offers Appraisal Service & Dispute Resolutions services for the more complex claims. These sometimes difficult situations will benefit greatly with an experienced, well trained adjusting staff. SAI has many years of experience in property claims adjusting, water remediation and the rebuilding process, making our company the best advocate for our clients.

The SAI Appraisal process is not only detail oriented, but unique and specific to the claim being disputed. We conduct a careful review and analysis of initial photos and investigations, along with the assembly of all the other photos, documents and facts necessary to reach the resolution of the dispute.  If necessary, we will re-inspect the property for review and comparison with current local unit pricing of any completed repairs of the damages.

Once we have retrieved all of the information for the specific claim file, every document of data will again be reviewed and analyzed in order to achieve a point of presentation. If further specific technical review is deemed necessary, we have a staff of engineers and forensic accountants to assist in providing their specific professional opinion.

Finally, we will move forward to meet with the insured and/or representative, armed with a complete and concise presentation, with all data, photos, and reports to present our case on behalf of the carrier. In the majority of the claims we have handled, the claim is settled without the need of hiring an Umpire to decide the final disposition of the claim.

We welcome the opportunity of being your advocate of your next disputed claim.